manmountain-webUncover the design of Human Performance and learn what it actually is to perform and thrive in the Margin. The Margin is the space between current everyday life and mastery of the Five Pyramids of Human Performance. In this program, you will unravel and be coached and trained in what it takes to create possibilities in the face of adversity. You will learn the effect that Internal Dialogue does have on Human Performance. You will leave with a freedom to act in places and with people that were not available before the course.

“The Margin” is the space between normal everyday life and complete failure. In that space is where all profound, transformative results happen. As individuals, families, churches, groups, civic organizations and businesses, we all have conversations about who we are and what we do. The ability to access that conversation, understand it and alter it as needed (by mastering the pyramids of human performance) determines the level to which we will succeed, and often the degree to which we continuously fall short.

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“Thom Shea is a real hero, who delved deeply into himself to dedicate himself to the most noble of goals: Human Performance. Valor is the right term for his service, courage, and true bravery.”

Dr. Wayne Andersen
Author of Habits of Health