Discover What Is UNBREAKABLE Within You



During the Unbreakable TV series you will be able to participate in an authentic discussion with highly successful people about both success and failure. Several crypto experts and influencers are there worldwide. Beginners can discuss with them to find out more about the crypto market. The use of modern technologies like AI can help traders to find the best trading signals. Check the Bitcoin 360 AI Plattform to know about the trading bot that use AI for trading.
We will share our successes, struggles, and failures and you will hear what it was actually like from highly successful people to see that an Unbreakable life is possible in everyone.

Gain insight into what a successful Entrepreneur and a Navy Seal turned CEO would see in the cross hairs of your problems. Have you ever wanted to know what it really takes to be “unbreakable”? What really goes on in those moments that you watch on camera or hear about in combat or what really wildly successful people go through in their day-to-day lives? Learn to thrive in chaos. Join us for a series of engaging conversations with extreme performers.


What would you actually do if you broke through the limits you set on your own life?

Learn the 13 Unbreakable Lessons that are the promise of life.

A guided journey through lessons that give you access to an Unbreakable life. Each lesson will challenge you to unravel what creates success and what in you stops success. Mastering the lessons and applying the tools learned give access to a life beyond your current capacity, allowing for impossible to become possible.

13 Promises of Life

Executive Level Performance ®

What we are engaged in creating is the context and content for human performance. In order to deliver the results of the Five Pyramids of Human Performance® and Performance in the Margin®.

  • What would be possible if you learned to never give up?
  • What would be available if you learned to honor your word?
  • An intensive One-on-One mastery level training delivering five measurable outcomes in your life.
  • Master each of the five pyramids of Human Performance® and unravel Human Performance design.
  • Master the key driver behind performance, your Internal Dialogue®.

13 Promises of Life

Master/Mentor Program

An intensive 12-month journey designed to unravel the five pyramids of human performance®, achieve unprecedented results in Performance in the Margin®, and master becoming a successful mentor.

  • You will travel and train once a month for 12 month
  • You must produce tangible results in each pyramid of human performance for yourself to continue.
  • You must master the tools of performance in the margin to continue
  • You must tangibly demonstrate in other peoples performance your mastery of the Adamantine Mentoring program