About Us

In the global market place and in the intimacy of our homes we are all interested in results, we are committed to outcomes. At the core of any results based plan is the individual. Adamantine Alliance focuses on unraveling and clarifying the center of all human performance. The first critical component of performance says internal dialogue precedes our actions. The second vital aspect is that all human beings look to master the Five Pyramids of Human Performance®: Physical Mastery, Wealth Mastery, Intellectual Mastery, Spiritual Mastery and Relationship Mastery. Whether you want to improve your overall performance or master the Five Pyramids of Human Performance® you will find opportunities at Adamantine Alliance to breakthrough to greater levels of mastery. Learn what it is to take bold action in the face of adversity. Learn to thrive in the marginal spaces where mastery truly exists. By incorporating the philosophy of the Navy SEALs, Adamantine Alliance offers individuals, companies and organizations a unique competitive advantage based on the discipline and critical thinking skills honed in SEAL training and warfare. These highly successful methods can then be applied to problem-solving, team-building and the strategic analysis of a business and its competitors. In our work with internal dialogue, you will become clear on the power and effect that your own internal dialogue has on every aspect of your life and your results. With our work in mastering the Five Pyramids of Human Performance® you will gain immediate access to the actions needed to move and engage and to thrive in all situations.