24 HR Challenge


We are excited to announce the partnership of Alliance Training Champions Training Center and Adamantine Alliance to bring you the next Unbreakable 24 hr Challenge!

The Unbreakable 24 hr Challenge is a premier mental challenge event. Developed by Thom Shea, author of Unbreakable: A Navy SEAL's Way of Life, as part of his 13 lessons to achieve an Unbreakable life.

The challenge is to walk for 24 hours, only stopping for ten minutes at a time. It is not simply a physical challenge, it is designed to create an environment that is extremely uncomfortable so that your mind has to take over and drive your actions. You will have to learn to have your mind control your actions during times of discomfort to push past your self imposed boundaries of performance. When you do complete the challenge, there will be a big internal shift to what is possible in your life.

New to the Unbreakable 24hr Challenge will be the fundraising option. Each participant will be provided with instructions and materials to create their own fundraising campaign to benefit the charity or organization of their choice.

The challenge includes four training sessions by Thom Shea, retired Navy SEAL and CEO of Adamantine Alliance. Training will take place at Alliance Champions Training Center each Friday in October. Groups hikes will take place Saturday morning at Paris Mountain. Each participant is also invited to train at Alliance Champions Training Gym leading up to the event ($179 value). The event will take place at Paris Mountain State Park in Greenville.

The Unbreakable 24 hr Challenge will be capped at 40 people. Sign up as soon as possible! Cost of the event is $175.


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Saturday November 5, 9am-
Sunday November 6 9am

Trainings with Thom Shea
12pm Every Friday in October
Alliance Champions Training Center
"Had the pleasure to participate in one of the most amazing endurance challenges yet." Rich"You need to adapt just like all the other things that can make you quit every day. I had an amazing experience...a lot of things are more clear." Frank"Thom, thank you for being the inspiration of all of us taking on this challenge and teaching us to control our negative thoughts when things get tough and our mind tries to make us quit. Friends are priceless and doing things together like this helps us to grow as individuals and become better friends and through all of this helps us to be better and stronger in all phases of our lives!" Cynthia