Unbreakable Podcast

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During the Unbreakable Podcasts weekly series you will be able to participate in an authentic discussion with highly successful people about both success and failure. We will share our successes, struggles, and failures and you will hear what it was actually like from highly successful people to see that an Unbreakable life is possible in everyone.


Episode One: Welcome to Unbreakable Podcast

In this episode Thom Shea talks about the journey of Unbreakable, from writing lessons to his children, turning that into the book Unbreakable: A Navy SEAL's Way of Life, and training high performing individuals on living an Unbreakable life. Ty Rushing joins Thom Shea in uncovering one of the most important keys to success, failure.

Episode 2: Starting Over 

In this episode Thom Shea shares his raw experience of his retirement from the SEAL program. Thom and Ty Rushing go through the ups and downs of success and failure, and the significance of being able to emotionally let go of past experiences to be able to move on.