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About Thom Shea

(Ret.) Senior Chief Thom Shea is the CEO of Adamantine Alliance, a unique leadership and demanding human performance training organization. Thom's work ensures transformational performance results among individuals and corporations.
Thom served 23 years with distinguished Valor as a Navy SEAL. During his military career he served in three wars, ultimately leading a team of Navy SEALs into Afghanistan in 2009 where he earned a Silver Star, Bronze Star with Valor, Army Commendation with Valor and his second Combat Action Medal.


During the Unbreakable Podcast weekly series you will be able to participate in an authentic discussion with highly successful people. Gain insight into what a Navy Seal turned CEO would see in the cross hairs of your problems. We will share our successes, struggles, and failures. Hear what it is actually like from highly successful people to see that an Unbreakable life is possible in everyone.

  • Stay up to date on all things Unbreakable!

  • Stay up to date on all things Unbreakable!