• Unbreakable: A Navy SEAL’s Way of Life

    “I’m a raving fan of Unbreakable. It not only is a powerful story of an amazing human being and his 23 years as a Navy SEAL, but it also provides a powerful self-development tool. Let Thom Shea teach you about internal dialogue—what you say to yourself about who you are—and how managing that dialogue can increase your goal achievement and effectiveness in life.”
    Ken Blanchard
    Co-author of The One Minute Manager® and Leading at a Higher Level
    “Unbreakable is a lesson in life for the high performance person. It is graphic telling of Thom’s life as a Navy SEAL; the feats that ensures our freedom and the ‘family’ that supports him. Thom’s mastery of this internal dialog, sharpened by life and death experiences allows him extraordinary insights and shows us the way to use our own internal dialogue to achieve much more in business and life.”
    Bill Masters
    Founder, Perception Kayaks, Inventor/innovator 3D printing,
    Author of The Process of Focus Forum
    “Thom Shea captures the key to communication in his book “Unbreakable”. He introduces the power of Internal Dialogue and it’s exceptional effectiveness in creating and maintaining healthy relationships. Thom Shea provides real insight and clarity with the use of his personal experiences as a Navy Seal on the battlefield, as an athlete in extreme adventure racing and in the privacy of his home with his wife and children. This book will be proven invaluable to anyone who wants to better themselves and the relationships in their lives.”
    Tamara Johnson
    MS, MFT/PhD
    “Unbreakable” is a treasure. Navy Seals are Americans who lead us from the front. They are the best in the world. Thom Shea and his wife Stacy unveil a riveting insight into exactly how they not only survived unimaginable challenges, but prospered. Their book is a riveting lesson from their hearts to their children and to all of us. Initially, people will want to read this book out of curiosity, but then they will be knocked out by its message that builds success in every category. Personally, I am so thankful for the Sheas’ clear message for all Americans and our free enterprise system.”
    Leighton M. Cubbage
    Chairman, Serrus Capital Partners
    “Thom Shea is a real hero, who delved deeply into himself to dedicate himself to the most noble of goals: Human Performance. Valor is the right term for his service, courage, and true bravery.”
    Dr. Wayne Andersen
    Author of Habits of Health
    “UNBREAKABLE is the raw inside story of what it is like to thrive and excel in the Margin of war. The parallels are clear in the corporate world, especially as an entrepreneur. Internal Dialogue does drive all human performance. If you want to learn what it is to succeed in the Margin while maintaining balance with a wife or significant other and family, read UNBREAKABLE.”
    Carl Stecker
    CEO of Net Profit Advisors and Benefits In A Card
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A special fundraising campaign to raise awareness and to support and strengthen our “Unbreakable” special operations families.

Thom Shea, author of Unbreakable: A Navy SEALs Way of Life, will be running The Bear 100 mile Ultra marathon, to raise funds and awareness of NSW Kids and The Rosie Network – two organizations working to strengthen military families in the NSW community.  We are passionate about giving back to these two organizations, who, together, embody our mission and demonstrate strength with programs and direct services that assist and focus on the core of our active duty and veteran families, referred to as the “Quiet Warriors” – our children and spouses.

About the Rosie Network (www.therosienetwork.org)

About NSW Kids (www.nswkids.org)

Please join us in giving back to our special operations families who have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice so much for the love of our country.

Below are ways you can become an Unbreakable Sponsor by supporting Thom on his next “Unbreakable” journey and in giving back and making an impact on the lives of our military families:


Available Sponsorship Levels

Gold Level


  • Name of company prominently displayed on front of jersey
  • Company profile featured on website
  • Company profile featured on NSW Kids and The Rosie Network websites with links back to Adamante website
  • Key note presentation to company
  • On-site race marketing along the route(banner)
  • Mention in social media and electronic newsletters for NSW Kids and The Rosie Network
  • ½ page ad in The Rosie Network ME Magazine
  • Recognition at 12 Business Showcase events nationwide during 2014-2015
  • Table and sponsor recognition at Annual Pt. Loma Dinner in San Diego on September 13th
  • Recognition in news releases from NSW Kids and The Rosie Network
Silver Level


  • Name of company on back of shirt
  • Race day marketing along the race route (banner)
  • Mention in all NSW Kids and The Rosie Network social media posts and e-blasts promoting the Bear 100
  • Company recognition and signage at USS Midway Rock the Dot! Fashion on November 6th, 2014
  • Recognition in news releases from NSW Kids and The Rosie Network
Blue Level


  • Name of company on sleeve of jersey
  • Company profile mentioned on website
  • Signed copy of book
Donation Level

$100, $300, $500

  • NSW Kids Challenge Coin
  • The Rosie Network Tumbler
  • Signed copy of book