Navy SEALs are known for doing the impossible. Our nation holds them in such high regard because they do the impossible on a daily basis. What we don’t talk about so much is that their children also do the impossible. They generously share their fathers with the entire nation. That means they don’t get to see their Daddies for 220 days a year. Something most families simply cannot comprehend.

Thom Shea is a recently retired Navy SEAL who wants to acknowledge the children of the Naval Special Warfare Community by continuing to do the impossible even in his retirement. This fall he will be running The Bear 100, a brutal 100 mile foot race that begins in Utah and ends in Idaho. He is running to raise money for The Naval Special Warfare Kids Foundation.

NSWKIDS is committed to honoring the legacy of our fallen heroes by taking a proactive role in meeting the educational needs of the children of the warriors who have served our country with courage and honor. It is our goal to provide the necessary funding for educational testing and tutoring to families in the NSW community. We believe that in serving others we will honor the fallen, promote healing of families, and thank those who have served their country courageously. This program provides children with empowering opportunities to gain the confidence and leadership that will ensure their future success.