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Achieve Rapid Sustainable Performance by Mastering the 13 Unbreakable Lessons

Learn and Apply How Navy SEAL's Thrive in Chaos





A highly focused online training program designed and guided by Thom Shea. Master and apply the 13 Unbreakable Lessons in all areas of your life: physical, wealth, relationship, intellectual and spiritual. Consistent additional resources to add value and clarity for measurable growth. 

Regardless of your age, your past experiences, or your current situations, the impact of learning and applying the 13 Unbreakable Lessons will transform you life. Engage now, live now, risk now and experience rapid and sustainable growth.











  • Membership includes:
    -Open access to the 13 Unbreakable Lessons online
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    -Weekly accelerated challenges
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Lessons Overview

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Lesson 1: Keeping Your Word


In an Unbreakable life, your word is everything. You will uncover the value you place on your own word. Complete this lesson and you will begin to see how Internal Dialogue determines what is possible for you.


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Lesson 2: Facing Fear


Fear will always try to stop you. You will face fear by encountering your Internal Dialogue and how it prevents you from taking action. Complete this lesson and you will overcome fear and be capable of overcoming all fears in your life.


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Lesson 3: Pushing Beyond Your Comfort Zone


Comfort kills performance. This lesson is demanding and will require you to re-shape your Internal Dialogue. You will spend countless hours listening to your Internal Dialogue until you learn to control it. Complete this lesson and your perspective on impossible will shift.


Lesson 4: Creating Love


Creating love is to “Be One” with another. In this lesson you will take a bold step toward getting rid of being separate from the people in your life. You will have to shift your dialogue to create these types of relationships. Complete this lesson and you will grow exponentially.


Lesson 5: Hope & Belief


Hope is a dialogue used to not be responsible to any particular outcome. Belief is a dialogue used to not be responsible for actual knowledge. Complete this lesson and be in action in areas of your life you were hoping for and have deep knowledge about things you could only believe in.


Lesson 6: Relativity

Your actions are always relative to your point of view. Few people are brave enough to alter their points of view to drive their performance to a new level. Complete this lesson in order to master the art of shifting your point of view.


Lesson 7: Connection

Connection is paramount to longevity, endurance, and success in all aspects of your life. An Unbreakable life cannot be achieved alone. You will need others and others will need you. Complete a measurable goal with a partner that requires connection.


Lesson 8: Mentors and Masters

“When the student is ready the master appears.” Buddhist proverb
The greatest lesson to learn is the seeking and honoring the work of a mentor or master. Complete this lesson and develop the necessary frame of mind to receive a master’s help.


Lesson 9: Never Give Up

You will learn to overcome the wall of pain and exhaustion you inevitability will face working towards your goals. You must master “Never Giving Up” to truly be successful. Complete this lesson and awaken the true power of mastering your own Internal Dialogue.


Lesson 10: The Crossroad of Language

You will not be at a crossroad. You will either have mastered your Internal Dialogue or you will have let your environment dictate to you “who you are”. Complete this lesson and not have your surroundings dictate to you who you are any longer.


Lesson 11: Living in this Moment

The ability to live in this moment is most often clouded by the thoughts of death. To master the 13 Unbreakable Lessons you will have to take this lesson and unravel what death is for you, in effect you must confront death. Complete this lesson and be free of the fear of dying


Lesson 12: Your contribution to others for them

In this lesson you will experience the value of playing big and encouraging others to play big. There is no way to contribute to others who play small, and no way for others to contribute to you if you play small. Complete this lesson by experiencing the value of playing big in order to be of contribution to others.


Lesson 13: Moving on in the midst of hanging on

In this lesson you will have experienced a great performance shift in much of your life. Now you must take a concentrated effort to let go of and move on from past efforts and influences. Remember, each moment is always being shaped and reshaped by your Internal Dialogue. Complete this lesson and master your past.