4: The Power of the Millennial

Thom Shea takes an authentic and deep dive into the conversation many business leaders are having today about working with millennials. Thom invites Meghan Becque on for a millennial perspective as they discuss the reality of success. Thom and Meghan’s story of working together will give insight into untapping the power of the millennial perspective

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3: Q&A and Being Trainable

Join Thom Shea and Ty Rushing as they answer questions that have come in from listeners. What were Thom’s pivotal experiences in understanding the design of human performance? What does it take to be trainable? Thom takes a deep dive into what makes someone trainable and how to train someone as a mentor or leader.

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2: Starting Over

In this episode Thom Shea shares his raw experience of his retirement from the SEAL program. Thom and Ty Rushing go through the ups and downs of success and failure, and the significance of being able to emotionally let go of past experiences to be able to move on.    Unbreakable is a mindset, a

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