8: Performance Optimization on and off the mat with Thom and Billy Fletcher

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Thom and Billy discuss performance optimization and the value of balance. Gain insight into your own performance and self imposed limitations as they discuss:

Focus versus Balance: The pitfalls of being one-dimensional.

Genetics pale in comparison to determination, unrelenting practice and commitment.

The Value of the Pursuit: It is during the pursuit that we find out who we are, not in arriving at the finish line or winning the fight.

Thoroughbreds versus Bottom Feeders: The quitters are never the ones you suspect.

The 71 yr old bad ass who participated in the 24 hour walk like a boss.

We can always take one more step, stay in the game a little longer. What stops us isn't physical, but what's going on inside.

Going through the motions or being fully engaged and what those two conditions mean for your performance and your life.

Calm beyond fear: Overcoming fear is overcoming the condition called "I can't find a way to win"

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