38: Returning from the dead. The Beauty of a Darker Soul with Josh Mantz

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Emotionally traumatic experiences are prevalent in our society, but few people understand the power they can have over our lives. The darkest demons that emerge from these experiences are often the most subtle and difficult to uncover. They can drive us into isolation, make us feel distant from the world, and leave us living within a deep emotional void that seems impossible to overcome.

Darker Souls emerged out of a need to help people understand the depths of trauma so they can regain control over their lives. As we start to emerge from these experiences, they will begin to add a new level of perspective and meaning to our lives. The process to get there is difficult and painful, but the journey is absolutely worth it. There will come a time when you'll realize that you've become stronger and more powerful than the experience itself.



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One thought on “38: Returning from the dead. The Beauty of a Darker Soul with Josh Mantz

  1. Another new perspective. Your podcasts stir what I feel deep down inside, both pleasant and not, but the truth I gather from listening is required to build, grow, and deal with the past that has no value. I experience set-backs and getting over those set-backs with the skills I currently have does not always work. This week’s podcast with Josh Mantz is no different. It was a breath of fresh air to hear how another is tackling their own trauma and disease; but to go beyond, share, and offer help to others is admirable. Josh’s book will be on my Read List. I do wish it was already in circulation, so it does not fall off my radar. I am going on 13 years of surviving and it has and continues to be difficult, but not nearly as bad as what I experienced before. Finding valuable tools, people, and advice to add to my toolbox will always be welcome. Thank you for bringing another source of inspiration.

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